SCS offers a multitude of accessories for universal solder frames.  When using these attachments, the economic efficiency in the production of small and medium batches can be increased enormously.  Bars and bearings offer various options for positioning the PCBs inside the frame.  A wide range of downholders and fixing elements allows fixing and aligning individual components on the PCB.  All articles are attached to the SCS rail system and can freely be arranged in longitudinal and cross direction.  All attachments are ESD-suitable, whilst the metal parts are made of stainless steel or aluminium.


The traverse is used to fix downholders and alignment elements which act on the PCB from above. It can easily be removed for each soldering process in order to fit a new PCB inside the frame, which reduces the set-up times considerably.



Different bars and bearings offer various options of positioning the PCBs into the frame. The universal bar is the simple bar, the extendable bar is enables the soldering of the PCBs against the solder wave in an angularity. The universal bar with wide bearing is designed for the PCBs with laterally projecting components. For limited bearing opportunities we offer the universal bar or extendable bar with finger bearings.


Extendable bearing

The extendable bearing can quickly be mounted without any tools and offers ideal support along the 3rd and 4th edge of the PCB. Its extensions allow for flexible adjustment to match the respective PCB size. The extendable bearing and its extensions moreover offer gapless wave protection along the entire length. Hence, the PCB is protected against being flooded by the solder wave.



The crossbar is used as a carrier for various SCS-components, which supports respectively covers the PCB from below.