We provide universal solder frames for Ersa wave and selective soldering systems and offer a wide range of attachments for upgrading. The universal solder frames match the common lengths of the original Ersa solder frames as well as the process width of the soldering systems, which makes them the ideal match for your wave or selective soldering system. If desired, we manufacture our universal solder frames in customised lengths and width to fit your needs. Please contact our sales department for individual solutions. Our attachment parts are also available as upgrades for the original Ersa wave soldering frame. Thanks to matching fixing elements, the bars can be mounted directly on the frame without any tools. Besides, the frame may also be equipped with the SCS rail system, which allows for the additional installation of crossbars and traverses inside the frame. At the same time, the SCS rail system is equipped with a bearing for PCBs and solder masks. Thus, the original Ersa wave soldering frame also offers the flexibility that the universal solder frames made by SCS are known for.

Attachments for the original wave soldering frame

Upgrade your original wave soldering frame with our bars and the proven rail system in order to benefit from the full functionality and flexibility of our universal frames.