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Universal solder frames
SCS GmbH offers universal solder frames for all common machine types and a broad range of attachments to upgrade your equipment. All frames are equipped with the proven SCS rail system that offers unlimited soldering possibilities when combined with bars and traverses. Supporting, holding down, fixing, guiding or covering are only a few key words relating to the functionalities offered. Apart from that, the frames feature a circumferential bearing for the insertion of PCBs or solder masks.

Besides, the product range of SCS GmbH includes enhancements for the original Ersa and Seho solder frames in order to upgrade them to the flexibility that the universal solder frames are known for.


Product-specific solder masks
In contrast to universal solutions for High-Mix Low-Volume productions, SCS GmbH also develops and manufactures product-specific solder masks customised to fit your needs. Covers and deepenings for SMD components – when things get tight also with finely milled titanium elements – belong to the standard repertoire as well as different downholders for fixing and aligning components on the PCB. Good soldering results, reproducible process safety and a few, simple steps characterise the solder masks made by SCS GmbH.


Universal and product-specific coating carriers
SCS GmbH supplies universal coating frames made of anodised aluminium. They are available in different dimensions whilst our range also includes various attachments for upgrading. The universal coating frame is suitable for all common coating systems and can be adapted to different PCB layouts without any tools. Apart from that, it is also suitable for AOI and flying probe systems.


Depaneling adapters for routing and sawing processes
SCS develops and produces custom-fit depaneling adapters for routing and sawing processes. All supports are tailored to fit your depaneling system. In order to keep the panel or individual PCBs from shifting during and upon completion of the depaneling process, SCS equips the depaneling adapters with pins and bolts which retain the panel and individual PCBs. Beyond that, critical areas of the panel are additionally supported by bearing elements so as to protect it against bending.


What's more
Over the years, SCS has implemented a multitude of equipment and tools for the most different applications and industries. Our experience ranges from simple assembly devices to computer-controlled milling machines. This range of products is supplemented by several hundred plastic injection moulding and lead pressure die casting tools.

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