In August 1990, three young men headed off towards the foundation of their own business. All three of them are trained toolmakers, one of them even a mechanical engineering student in his penultimate semester. Many ideas, a sophisticated business plan and, last but not least, considerable seed money – which the three only obtained through personal guarantees of their relatives – laid the foundation. From the day the company was founded until today, no two working days have been alike. There were times full of worries and anxiety, whilst other days were characterised by major successes so that the first thing you wanted to do was get yourself a big fancy car – which we never did, though!

In the first years, we used to work almost around the clock. One thing we have always attached importance to and we have been proud of ever since: we have always been able to pay our bills and neither have our employees ever had to wait for their money.

However, what is most difficult for young entrepreneurs is the calculation of an economic price for a system or machine. It often happens that you offer too low a price. We too have been there and could tell many a story about that.

Would you like to hear an example?

It was our first big order. A purchaser called, gave us a set of drawings and said, 'If you make this system for DM 130,000, the job is yours'.  Considering how inexperienced we were in the beginning, we certainly would have calculated only half of that. But we were lucky! ... Fortune favours the hard-working: our company has not been in the red ever since. 

How we are doing today?

Only two of the former three partners continue running the company today.

Besides, we have become a training organisation and over the years, we have helped many young people start their career. Today, around 25 employees work in two or, whenever things get tight, even three shifts for our customers. It is hard to summarise exactly what we manufacture. Our production moves with the times, which is why we continuously adapt to the changing requirements of our customers.