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In the course of time, we have implemented a multitude of devices and tools for the most different applications and industries. Our treasure trove of experience ranges from simple assembly devices to computer-controlled milling machines with several milling heads for the simultaneous processing of one workpiece. We could now present a long list based on our 25+ years of company history, but we keep it short: thanks to our experience in tool making and device construction, we are able to offer you high-quality solutions for your tasks.


Nevertheless, we would like to give you an understanding of our frequently requested products:


Storage racks and transport trolleys
The equipment of your productions is piling up? Our storage racks and transport trolleys help you tidy up your inventory of solder frames, solder masks, coating carriers or depaneling adapters. We customise our solutions to fit your needs, no matter if it is about dimensions, storage capacities, ESD-suitability, transport rollers or fixed feet.


Assembly and auxiliary devices
Each production needs its special devices in order to implement product-related manufacturing steps or facilitate work in general. Be it manual or pneumatic punching, piercing, press-in or bending operations: all this and a much more does not constitute any problem for us. Send us your specifications and we will cooperate with you in order to develop a tailor-made solution for your task based on your wishes and our experience.


Devices for hand soldering

Hand soldering is something you encounter in pretty much every electronic production. Hand soldering processes include everything from simple repair tasks to complex PCB layouts. These are, however, absolutely unsuitable for automated soldering. You cannot just grab the PCB and get started. Both the PCB and components must be fixed precisely and securely. That is where our manual soldering units come into play. We will be happy to assist you when requirements such as clamping, aligning or turning scream for a solution.


Supporting tables for solder paste printing and SMD placement
In both solder paste printing and SMD placement processes, it is only the panel's edge that is supported by the transport systems of the machine. However, in order to achieve a good result, it is of major importance that the panel does not sag during the process, because not only does this change the print layout of the solder paste but also the position of the SMD components. In order to prevent this from happening, our range includes different concepts for supporting tables that may be used in your system. Be it fixed or flexible, with pins or deepenings for SMD components on the bottom side, with or without vacuum: all variants are possible. Just talk to us.


Test module for checking the evenness of blades
The test module checks the evenness of blades for quality assurance in solder paste printing processes. The condition of the blade edge and/or the degree of wear can be checked by means of a light ruler. The test module provides different options for setting the length or blade angle, which allows for flexible use. Due to the possibility of being adjusted to all blade types, the test module is interesting for all paste printers.


Service trolley for ICT adapters & Co.
The service trolley facilitates the handling of ICT adapters after completion of the process and offers versatile possibilities for service and assembly works. The service trolley offers storage areas for ICT adapters and is equipped with different accessories. ESD-suitable vacuum cleaners and brushes facilitate the cleaning of ICT adapters, whilst an accessories box and quivers provide space for further tools. The concept can also be adapted to other applications. Just get in touch with us and explain us the equipment you prefer.


Poka-yoke device for flux filling
If different fluxes are used in your selective soldering process, the new poka-yoke device increases the process reliability for flux filling. The poka-yoke device is equipped with an index locking mechanism with a holding fixture for round or square process containers and a locking system for access authorisation. Filling the flux into the wrong container and intermixture are thus avoided.


Convinced? Do you have further ideas? Your manufacturing operations are considerable and our offer is ever increasing thanks to your wishes. We will be happy to assist you.




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