Composing Loetmasken Zubehoer1

The following attachments have proven their worth time and again in combination with the solder masks developed by us. They can also be used as standard components for your in-house developments. Compact design, defined milling contours and a few swift moves make these lightweight attachments suitable for universal use, whilst upgrading your construction to a significant extent. Thus, costly in-house developments become redundant. All attachments are delivered ready for installation. We also provide STEP data as well as production and assembly information.


Attachments for fixing the PCB in the mould cavity
In order to allow optimal fixation of the PCB in the mould cavity, we offer different attachments such as ball fixings and PCB locking devices. Apart from that, our range includes an unlatch tool that facilitates the PCB's removal from the mould cavity.

Cover systems

We work with different cover systems for aligning the components on the PCB and have developed a cover fixing kit that helps remove the entire cover from the solder masks. Using the locking bolts attached to the cover, the cover can be fixed on the feet attached to the solder mask and easily be removed after the soldering process by pressing buttons.

The lift and swing cover, however, is firmly connected to the solder mask. The advantage of this system is that the cover is first swung into position and then lowered. Thus, the downholder does not touch the component until it is lowered, which prevents the component from tipping over during the closing process.


Cover fixing kit Lift and swing cover



We offer different downholders for our cover systems. These range from round downholders with different diameters to square downholders that are able to hold down even large or several similar components. Besides, the square downholders may be furnished with milling contours that additionally facilitate the alignment of the component. We also offer a milling device for the in-house processing of our downholders.


Cover suspension
Due to the large number of spring-loaded downholders, the overall spring force acting on the PCB may become so intense that both the PCB and the mould cavity bend downwards. In order to avoid this, we offer a cover suspension reaching into the mould cavity contour by means of a tailhook that is lead through a slot or drilling so as to bring the PCB and mould cavity back to solder wave height.


Solder masks blanks
We will be happy to provide those who manufacture their own solder masks with our proven solder mask material. The material will be cut to size in length and width according to your wishes. Our offer includes the following material thicknesses: 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 and 14 mm.

  • Our preferred material for use in the  production of solder mask, ESD-compatible: Ricocel ES-3261A.
    Download the datasheet

  • Our preferred material for use in the  production of solder mask covers, ESD-compatible: Ducolite GM654.
    Download the datasheet