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SCS produces solder masks matching the PCB for optimal treatment during the soldering process. They offer a number of application possibilities due to cover systems and are characterised by comfortable handling and an appealing design.  Our solder masks are designed according to your wishes either as an inlay for your frames and bars or as a match for our universal solder frames.  The solder masks are ESD-suitable, whilst the metal parts are made of stainless steel or aluminium.

The design and arrangement possibilities for the mould cavities are enormous.  Thanks to innovative and tailor-made concepts, effortless and reliable work is guaranteed when using our solder masks.  We customise the solder mask to fit your needs – from simple deepenings for SMD components to the application of complex titanium elements.  Please contact our sales department for individual solutions.



Solder masks with circumferential bearing
are the simplest type.  The PCB just rests on a thin, circumferential bearing, whilst the entire bottom side is in contact with the solder wave.  If the layout of the PCB's bottom side places higher requirements on the solder mask, it is produced with a selective bearing.
Solder masks with selective bearing
The selective bearing is the most common solder mask design. The only areas of the solder mask which are opened are those where the PCB may come into contact with the solder wave. It is imperative to cover the other areas on the PCB in order to avoid tinning of metal surfaces or to keep the PCB from being flooded through drills or slots. Furthermore, reflow-soldered SMD components must be protected against the solder wave on the bottom side. In order to do so, the solder mask is expanded by incorporated deepenings.
Solder masks with titanium bearing
Titanium bearings are used if the PCB layout does no longer permit a selective bearing made of solder mask material.  Large PCBs which require a selective cover with thin and long bars constitute a big problem. In this case, the mechanical strength of titanium is significantly superior to the solder mask material.

Systems for fixing components on PCB
Cover systems are used if many components need to be arranged or fixed on the PCB. The cover is equipped with customised downholders, arrangement elements or slides in order to ensure that the PCB and all components are treated with process safety.  The well-thought-out cover fixing system made of spring and fastening elements combines high functionality with a few simple and safe steps. All you need to do is attach the cover and briefly press it down.


Solder mask with removable coverl             Lift and swing cover                            Solder mask with soldering aid


Special solutions

Sometimes, solder masks are needed that cannot be categorised easily, let alone be produced using standard elements. Solder masks are eventually turned into special solutions by extraordinary PCB layouts or complicated component fixing.

You need special solutions?  Talk to us.