Properties of the extendable bearing:

Extendable bearing for insertion into the solder frame and at the bars

Double-sided bearing areas for the third and fourth edge of the PCB

Free arrangement inside the solder frame or along the bars

Mounting without tools

Flexible adjustment to match the respective PCB size

Gapless wave protection to keep the PCB from being flooded by the solder wave

Expansion of the usable lengths thanks to adaptable extensions

Mounting of the extension piece without tools

100% ESD-suitable, all metal parts made of stainless steel or aluminium


The following PCB sizes are covered by combinations of extendable bearings and extension pieces:

75 - 100 mm
100 - 125 mm
125 - 150 mm
150 - 200 mm
200 - 250 mm
250 - 300 mm 

Article numbers – extendable bearing:


Article numbers referring to the extensions for the extendable bearing:


Upon request, we will be happy to submit you an offer for different dimensions.