ARTNO: UAM 0712-K-F-Lxxx


Rail system with ball fixing or prism for the original wave soldering frame made by ERSA

Properties of the rail system:

Rail system for attachment to the original wave soldering frame

Single-sided bearing areas with ball fixings or prism for PCBs or solder masks

SCS rail system for the mounting of attachments

100% ESD-suitable, all metal parts made of stainless steel or aluminium


How to find the article number for your matching rail system:

The different article numbers indicate the common lengths of the original frame as well as the process width of the soldering system. The Lxxx extensions are based on the internal length of the original frame and/or on the distance of the opposite rails of the installed SCS rail system. They have been included in the article numbers of the attachments which can be mounted inside the frame and/or on the SCS rail system.

Internal length of the original frame:
420 mm -> L420
500 mm -> L500
600 mm -> L600

Article numbers with ball fixing:
UAM 0712-K-F-L420
UAM 0712-K-F-L500
UAM 0712-K-F-L600

Article numbers with prism:
UAM 0712-P-F-L420
UAM 0712-P-F-L500
UAM 0712-P-F-L600

Upon request, we will be happy to submit you an offer for different dimensions.